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Monday, August 27, 2012

Toyota Vios or Honda City

Toyota Vios And Honda City 

Since Vios was lunched few years back in Malaysia, Vios has becomes City direct competitive until now. Both of these cars offered same performance and sporty outlook and also have the similar competitive pricing. They are even gentle to your wallet for the petrol cost as these 2 cars, thanks to the advanced technology from the Japan car's maker. Not to mention on the quality and resell value, Toyota and Honda always has best the resell value compared to other car's brand.
Let's have a look on them!


Outlook! I believe outlook is the FIRST thing people will seek for when buying a vehicle!
City come with impressive Modulo body kit that make you don't want to get off your car :)
Modulo City


TRD Sportivo Vios and G Limited Vios.
TRD Sportivo and Limited G Vios

City and Vios come with stylish chrome grill which is so shinning until it able to reflect your face when you stand close to it. Both of them come with fog lamps, side mirror with indicator for extra visibility and safety, aerodynamic body and door visor. Vios TRD come with gold colored 15" inch 7 spoky sport rims with 10% lighter weight compared to normal rims. While City has slight bigger rims which is 16" inch sporty rims that enhanced the entire car's outlook but retain the tyre's width size of 185/55/16. While Vios may come with TRD body kit or G-Limited body kit, depending on which variant that you have chosen  City's modulo bodykit is an optional accessories with cost of RM2,950.


Stylish Panel Meter
Place to put drink

Paddle shift and audio control on the steering
Spacious space to put your things

Stylish design
City's Interior

Orange Ambient Digital Panel Meter
Leather Wrapped Steering with Audio Control 
Stylish Panelling
Hot TRD Leather seat
Alluminium TRD Sportivo Scuff Plate to welcome the driver and passengers
 TRD Sportivo Vios's Interior

Both of these cars offered attractive interior which make us resist to get out from the car!
Vios TRD Sportivo offered leather wrapped steering, leather seats and  leather gear knob for sporty feeling while G-Limited Vios without the leather wrapped on the steering and gear knob. While City don't have such variant, City only come with black fabric seats.
Vios panel meter was located at centre of the panel dashboard which is very convenient for driver to monitor their speed while driving but the drawback is leave right and left side of dashboard empty and look plain. City panel meter located in front on the driver which is the right side of the dashboard. The panel meter come in blueish colour and have 3 round dial meters which are RPM, Km/h and fuel indicator. New City has the 'Eco' indicator to show the driver driving behaviour whether aggressive and green driver. Vios do not has this 'Eco' feature.Both car have able to monitor your average fuel consumption as well through the small digital LCD display.
Legs rooms seem good for both front and back passengers for both Vios and City, 4 persons shall be comfortable and anything more than 4, behind passenger may feel slight cramp.
Steering feel for Vios is good as it gradually heavier according ratio when you driving faster. Same for City but City has a plastic which not as firm feeling as Vios. Yet, City has paddle shifts on the steering which give another excitement of driving pleasure where cannot find in Vios.
Driving Vios was comfortable as the suspension is tuned for 'comfort' drive but the drawback when making aggressive turning, the car will steering to the other side due to 'soft' suspension. City on the other hand have 'sportier' suspension, it is more harder and when we go through bumper and pothole, then car might shake harder but have better stability when cornering compared to Vios.

Let's look on their performance! 


ENGINE -The heart of the MONSTERS!
City i-VTEC offer 120SPS!
Vios VVT-i offer 109 PS!
Both of these cars are packed with 1.5L engine under their hood! It seem City win 11PS@ 4Nm on performance compared to Vios. Both of these engine produces high acceleration power and superb in fuel consumption which able deliver 16.5km/L (City) and 17km/L(Vios) on highway drive on average of 100km/h speed. Vios doing better on acceleration during the initial RPM (1K~4K), more powerful acceleration compared to City, but I-VTEC start to kick in when at higher RPM(4K~6.5K) which give City a boost a later stage. Torque graphs above explained why this happened. Overall, City and Vios's acceleration is good and the transmission is smooth for a sedan car with small 1.5L engine. Check out the standing start acceleration from 0-100km/h at below:

Standing Start Acceleration(0-100km/h)
New VIOS @ 11.81 sec / CITY VTEC @ 12.37 sec

Reminder: Fuel consumption will increase as you press the pedal harder.


Honda City

5-Speed Automatic Paddle Shift Transmission
The class-leading 5AT offers efficient speed range with its wide and close gear ratio. Power start acceleration is briskly achieved for an exhilarating drive. With fuel economy and quietness on high speed in mind, the excitement never stops. Its automatic lock-up control does its job smartly as well as to improve response. Fuel wastage is reduced during low speed with its extended lock up.

Toyota Vios

Super Electronic Controlled Transmission (ECT)*
Enjoy linear acceleration and smooth gears shifts as the ECT selects the optimal gear position for hassle-free driving, no matter the road condition.

Both of them offered excellent transmission to outperform their engine. City do have 5-speed gear with paddle shifts while Vios come with 4-speed gear on gear knob. 
Different style, different excitement =)

Turning Radius

5.0m Minimum Turning Radius
Navigate round tight corners and U-turns with the City's trusted steering ability. Its amazing manoeuvrability is the result of its 5.0 minimum turning radius.

4.9m Minimum Turning Radius

The Vios is ideal for city driving. You can easily manoeuvre narrow U-turns and tight parking spots with its minimum turning radius of 4.9m and short overhang.

Vios have slightly better minimum turning radius compared to City. Compared with a few other vehicles with similar specification, these 2 cars have an awesome turning radius. I can make U-turn easily in tight and small lane while if I turns with other vehicle, I might get stuck while turning, end up need perform fast T-point turn in middle of road :(
Bingo to these 2 cars!


G-Force Control Technology
Pedestrian Injury Reduction
Driver Restraint System
G-CON absorbs and spreads collision energy during an accident, minimize injury to both car occupants and pedestrians.
Impact-absorbing front components (bumpers) reduce pedestrian injury 
Specially designed seat belts that keep you strapped in whilst limiting excessive pressure on the chest.

ABS, EBD and BA. helps you stop the car safely while maintaining control and stability.
City and Vios's Safety Features
Safety is one of the most essential features for a good car. Vios and City come with dual-airbag for front driver and passenger. Not only that, they come with Anti-lock brake system (ABS), Electronic Break Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) which helps you stop the car safely while maintaining the control and stability.


Honda City Specification -- Click this for City's specification
Toyota Vios Specification -- Click this for Vios's specification


Honda City   Grade E   Grade S

Price (RM)  90980.00  85980.00

Vios                TRD Sportivo   G LimitedPrice 
Price (RM)         92,013.50            89,613.50

Both of these cars have the competitive and similar price which is around RM90K. For Vios's price range, I did not compare J spec and E spec due to these 2 specs may not available at  other country.


One of the very important point that you need to consider as well when buying car as some car may cheap but the maintenance may cause your pocket a big hole!
Let's compare City and Vios.

Here are the Preventive Maintenance Rates and Costs for the City and Vios.
Honda City's Maintenance

Toyota Vios's Maintenance

The maintenance's chart showed that Honda City  is more expensive than Toyota Vios in long run. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Myvi And Saga FLX

Perodua or Proton?

As what the tittle about, today we going to discuss about Perodua & Proton where is the most typical car from Malaysian will consider especially for those who just started their career life & for those who need a vehicle but unable to allocate so much RM into their transportation.

Perodua & Proton's, our national car's producer will be their first consideration for those who are born from middle to low income family because these 2 brands are manufacturer locally and owned by Malaysia which mean are much cheaper compared to other cars's brands that within the same specification.

In this page, we will talk about Myvi from Perodua & Saga FLX from Proton as statistic showed that this 2 vehicles are the most popular!

Myvi & Saga FLX


A place where melt the heart on first sight.

Myvi Extreme 1.5

Myvi Extreme 1.5 Roaring with Fierce Bodykit (Hatchback)

Saga FLX SE 1.6

Saga FLX SE 1.6 with Sleek bodykit (Sedan)

Hatchback or sedan? You decide!

Both of these cars are awesome with their new outlook! Myvi front lamp come with projector headlamp which this feature usually only come on luxury car. While Saga FLX come with distinctive headlamp & clear rear lamp that give the sexy style to this car.

Both of these cars have side lamp indicator to enhance the visibility & safety of the car. Myvi come with 14' sport rims while Saga FLX come with 15' sport rims that make the car look more elegance. Both of them come with stylish body kit to enhance their look. Saga FLX's body kit is in sporty grey colour which is far more rarely we can see on the road and this make the car more sporty.


A place where entertainment start!

Myvi Extreme 1.5

A luxury & sleek dashboard with new gear knob position on the dashboard!

Pamper yourself with this sporty leather seats & spacious cabin

Combination of analog & digital multi information panel meter with amazing ambient color

The interior of the Myvi are definitely impressed me and most of us with for the car price that around RM60K. Seats and steering are wrapped with leathers that provide elegance feel and gear knob on the dashboard that make you like driving an high end SUV such as CRV. 
Not the forget this Myvi Extreme 1.5 come with navigation control system which mean you will never get lost with this car!

Saga FLX SE 1.6

Sporty yet simple interior

Leather seats again! Yes, not only Myvi but also Saga FLX!

Sporty Outlook Panel Meter with Digital Display too!

413L boot space! Obviously this space is much more than Myvi 208L space.

Undeniable, I prefer Myvi's Interior outlook as it provide sportier outlook, special gear knob location & cooler panel meter.

While for Saga FLX, the interior looks plain & plastic feel especially on the audio player location. Yet, Saga FLX is not too far away from it competitive as well. It have leather seats too & 2x bigger boot space compared to Myvi! Those who want space from their vehicle, do consider Saga FLX.

Not to forget Power Window from Saga, now it come with life time warranty. Thanks to previous generation of Proton vehicles, Proton has decided the rectified and eliminated the Power Window once and forever.

Now, let's go to their performance to see which one that offer powerful ride!


Engine - Heart of every vehicle. 

Myvi Extreme 1.5

 Myvi 1.5 Extreme Engine

The long-stroke all-aluminium DVVT engine is the 3SZ-VE, similar to that in the Alza but tuned a bit differently to suit the lighter Myvi. Compared to the1.3-litre engine, power output is up 13% to 103 PS at 6000rpm while there’s 16% more torque at 136 Nm.
Myvi 1.5 Extreme come in 5 speed manual transmission and CVT auto transmission. 

The fuel consumption of the New Myvi 1.5-litre manual transmission is tested to deliver 15.9km/litre. While the New Myvi 1.5-litre automatic is tested to deliver 13.1km/litre. This result is tested under speed 90km/h.

Tested Myvi Extreme 1.5 and Myvi 1.3 SE, obviously Myvi Extreme 1.5 have much power but 1.3 SE may not lack behind. Myvi 1.3 SE is good enough to provide strong acceleration with light foot on pedal even though the car loaded with 3 pax. I am so much satisfied with the Myvi's performance.

Thanks to it's light body weight and smaller tyres profile too.

Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Saga FLX SE 1.6 Engine CamPro IAFM, 4 Cylinder DOHC 16V

Maximum power output is 94 PS at 6000rpm while the maximum torque is 120 Nm.
Saga FLX SE 1.6 come in 5 speed manual transmission & 4 speed auto transmission as well. 
The fuel consumption of the Saga FLX SE 1.6 manual transmission is tested to deliver 16.67km/litre. While the New Myvi 1.5-litre automatic is tested to deliver 15.87km/litre. This result is tested under speed 90km/h.

Based on the above data, Myvi Extreme 1.5 outperform in Saga FLX SE 1.6 in Power but Saga FLX SE 1.6's fuel consumption is lower than Myvi Extreme 1.5. Proton have imply CVT transmission (auto) which greatly helps on the fuel consumption because  of no lose power and this also reduces the jerk during gear changing and provide you the smooth drive experience.


Myvi Extreme 1.5

The suspension settings are different for the Myvi 1.5, with additional stiffness to accommodate the increase in weight which influences weight distribution to a small extent. Stiffness suspension will improve stability during turning at high speed & breaking.
But there is an drawback from stiff suspension where you will be a bumpy ride. 

Steering - Myvi Extreme 1.5 come with Electrical Steering. Electric steering will only use power from the alternator system when needed. This will help to reduce on the fuel consumption.

Stabilizer bar -It even come with stabilizer bar (front only) which improve the car stability and cornering. Seriously, this Myvi Extreme 1.5 was build for fun drive.

ABS with EBD & BA - As usual, nowadays car come with this safety features in standard package.

Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Proton Ride & Handling

Saga FLX 1.6 SE equipped with Proton Ride & Handling that will ensure your ride comfortable yet in full control of your vehicle. Watch below video for the details.
Enjoy :)
Drawback of Saga: While Myvi may already using electric power steering, Saga still using the convention Hydraulic Power Steering

Maintenance Charge

A section where every car buyer shall consider before buying a vehicle.

Myvi Extreme 1.5 

Maintenance ScheduleWest Malaysia (RM)East Malaysia (RM)
30, 50, 70, 90 ( x 1'000 km )MTATMTAT
Engine Oil (Semi Syn API SM 4L)86.0086.0090.0090.00
Element S/A (Oil Filter)12.9512.9514.2014.20
Spark Plug D55D (4 pcs)52.0052.0057.2057.20
Battery Water2.702.703.103.10
Gasket Drain Plug4.804.805.305.30
Labour Charges42.0042.0042.0042.00
Tax 6%2.522.522.522.52
20, 40, 60, 80, 100 ( x 1'000 km )MTATMTAT
Engine Oil (Semi Syn API SM 4L)86.0086.0090.0090.00
Element S/A (Oil Filter)12.9512.9514.2014.20
Air Filter38.0038.0041.8041.80
Transmission Oil GL-4 80W (2.25L)29.8734.62
P2-ATF D3 - SP (2.20L)46.2048.22
Spark Plug D55D (4 pcs)52.0052.0057.2057.20
Brake Fluid (2 bottles)20.0020.0021.6021.60
Battery Water2.702.703.103.10
Gasket Drain Plug4.804.805.305.30
Radiator Coolant (2 bottles)25.0025.0027.8027.80
Labour Charges61.0061.0061.0061.00
Labour for Replacing Radiator Coolant11.0011.0011.0011.00
Labour for Brake Bleeding System28.0028.0028.0028.00
Tax 6%
*Myvi's maintenance charge is same for 1.3 & 1.5 version.

Saga FLX SE 1.6

From the 2 tables above, both of these close rivals have similar maintenance charge. 

Overall, Myvi and Saga is a great car to choose for those who have budget around RM40K-RM60K for their vehicle.  Myvi more to performance/fun drive and specification/accessories but you will have a bumpy ride while Saga more to the space and comfortable but lack of power even though Saga has higher CC engine. 

Pictures reproduced from: