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Kia Motors & Hyundai

Kia Motors or Hyundai?

In this section we going to discuss about the famous Korea's car makers.
Hyundai Motor Group is a South Korea conglomerate company & is the largest automobile manufacturer in Asia after Toyota. The group was formed through the purchase of 51% of Kia Motor, 2nd largest car company in South Korea. Hyundai owned 49.2% of Kia Motors.

Unlike Japanese car maker, where Japan's car makers focus on the quality & fuel efficiency. Korea's  vehicles manufacturer focus on the specification and comfort. That why when we compared Korea & Japan's car price, Korea's cars tend be be cheaper compared to Japan yet they got the higher specification (high engine capacity, more power, larger rims, advanced gear system & many more great features).

We going to discuss Forte 2.0 SX from Kia & Elantra 1.8 from Hyundai.

Forte & Elantra


A place where your first love happen.

Forte 2.0SX

Original Forte
Forte with Skirting

Forte Commercial 

Elantra 1.8 D-CVVT

Original Elantra 
Elantra with Quantum's Body Kit
Elantra Commercial

These 2 cars offered irresistible seducing exterior! Oh man, I wish I could have both of these cars! Sporty finishing especially with their body kit. Both of these cars come with 17' rims which add on to their finer outlook & offer greater stability & provide higher specification to the cars. Extra point to Elantra as it come with sun roof! 
To be honest, I am attracted to the Elantra with body kit. It's look so COOL :)


A place where driver's and passenger entertainment start.

Forte 2.0SX

Sporty Panel Meter with Multi Information Display

Stylish Dashboard with Digital Display & Auto Conditioner & 6 CD-Changer

Sleek & sporty gear knob with 6-speed Shiftronic

Keyless entry with Push Start Button

Advanced Dual Front & Side Air Bag that keep you safe when expected thing happen

Comfortable & stylish leather sits for you and your love one

Elantra 1.8 D-CVVT

2011 Hyundai Elantra Interior 1.jpg
Bluelish Panel Meter with Multi Information Display

2011 Hyundai Elantra Interior 2.jpg
V-shape dashboard equipped with GPS

2011 Hyundai Elantra Interior 3.jpg
Dual Air Conditioner with Ionizer Cluster that ensure cabin air comfortable & clean

2011 Hyundai Elantra Interior 4.jpg
Smart gear knob with 6-speed shiftronic transmission

2011 Hyundai Elantra Interior 5.jpg
ECO Activation Control which make your vehicle greener to the mother earth & your wallet

Push Start Button that make you just entered into racing car
Both of these cars offered impressive interior with similar keyless entry, 6-speed gear, auto air conditioner, stylish leather sits & many more...
From my opinion, I can feel the Forte's interior is more to sporty style while Elantra is more towards to elegance style. After all, everyone have unique opinion, cheers :)


After impressed by the external outlook, let's see what is under this awesome machines!

Forte 2.0SX

Forte using 2.0 DOHC CVVT engine that able to produce 156 ps @ 6200rpm & 194.2Nm @4300rpmDOHC means it is a Dual Over Head Cam engine and usually DOHC 4 cylinders make more power than most SOHC(Single Over Head Cam) 4 cylinders, so it is nice to have 16v means the engine has 16 valves. This high power engine match with the Forte 6-speed transmission which give the Forte the greater acceleration & better fuel consumption.  
Fuel consumption: 10.989km/L or 11km/L
This figure is real data from my friend who driving Forte 2.0 with 70% highway, 30% city drive.

Elantra 1.8 D-CVVT

Hyundai Elantra wallpaper
1.8 DOHC CVVT Engine

Elantra using 1.8 DOHC CVVT engine that produce 150 ps @ 6500rpm & 178Nm @ 4700rpm. Forte & Elantra seem sharing the same engine mechanism. Elantra also using 6-speed transmission to make the ride more powerful and better fuel consumption. Elantra come with cruise control.
Fuel consumption:  14.1 km/litre 
This figure is claim by the manufacturer. This data serve as a guideline :)

Power Steering - Both of these cars using electric motor on their steering as well. This help the car achieve better fuel consumption.

Safety - Seem similar, both cars equipped with ABS, EBS with VSM.


Forte 2.0SX              -  RM97,800 (Peninsular Malaysia)

Elantra 1.8 D-CVVT -  RM114,888 (Peninsular Malaysia)


user posted image
Manage to get this maintenance chart from lowyat user. Forte's maintenance seem much more affordable compared to it's peers. 
Too bad, I don't have the chart for Elantra. I will post the maintenance for Elantra once I have it :)

Source of pictures from:
Kia - www.nazakia.com.my
Hyundai -http://www.hyundai.com.my/v2/



  1. Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai or rather a division of Hyundai.

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