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Honda Civic & Toyota Altis

Honda Civic And Toyota Altis

For those who can afford car that  slightly over RM100K, these 2 cars will be on their priority list! These cars has the outstanding sporty outlook yet superb in the performance. After all, is Japanese car, which is among the top car's producer in the world.
In fact, Civic is one of my favourite car all the time :) 
Let's see what they have!


All New Civic 2.0 Navi

All new Civic with Modulo Body Kit

All New Civic 2012 TVC (Thailand version)

Corolla Altis 2.0V

Corolla Altis with TRD Sportivo Kit

Corolla Altis TVC (Thailand version)

Both of them offered outstanding sporty outlook especially with body kit (not included). Love them so much! While Civic may more fierce with his multi-spoke 17' rims, Altis do have 16' rims as well. Both of them come with HID light on their headlamps as well, which looks much cooler and brighter during the night ride =)


Where true comfort really come from....

Civic 2.0 Navi

Civic new interior rethought to enhance connection between driver to the vehicle

Sporty gear knob with Sport mode

Build in Navigation system

Interior Photo of 2012 Honda Civic Sedan
Stunning Blueish Panel Meter in Analog & Digital

All new intelligent multi display information (i-MDI) with fuel consumption information, bluetooth & temperature

Interior Photo of 2012 Honda Civic Sedan
Econ mode where bring greener to our mother earth, save your money on petrol too

Interior Photo of 2012 Honda Civic Sedan
Steering with multi controller function such as paddle shift, audio controller, cruise controller

Spacious rear seats

Push start button for enhancement of your driving experience

Reverse sensor with display

Corolla Altis 2.0

Spacious interior with leather seats added for luxury drive

Steering with multi function controller on audio controller, cruise controller, paddle shift (similar as Civic)

Eco driving indicator where ensure you greener to earth and your wallet

Optitron Meter for better clarity & pleasant to interior

Multi information display to track your mileages against fuel consumption

Auto air conditioning to ensure cabin in most comfortable all the time

6.1" Touch Screen DVD Audio with Video Navigation System & Reverse Camera

Both Civic & Altis offered impressive dark feel interior & latest technology accessories for their driver and passenger. Civic may have more sportier looks while Altis is more classic looks. In fact, Civic with "Push Start Button" feature which proved that Civic on the sport path. In my personal opinion, I love Civic's interior much more especially on the blueish panel meter & the i-MDI, but indeed Altis offer pleasant looking interior as well.


All New Civic 2.0 Navi

Civic I-VTEC SOHC able to deliver 155PS @ 190Nm effortless. It also fuel efficient as well because of its powerful performance
Eco Drive - Monitor your driving style in fun way.

Paddle Shifter with 5 speed  & Cruise Control

Corolla Altis 2.0

All new Dual VVT-i Engine which provide highly efficient system for more power & excellent fuel efficiency

Corolla Altis 2.0 able to deliver 146PS @187Nm to excite you

Super CVT-i with 7-speed sports sequential shift that give you full control over gear ratios exactly like manual transmission

From the sheets, we can see that Civic is slightly more powerful than Altis. But Altis do have an new Dual VVT-i & awesome Super CVT-i gearbox. Both of them able to deliver an powerful acceleration with just a light foot on the pedal accelerator. Altis deliver a little bit better acceleration compared to Civic at beginning, thanks to Dual VVT-i that offered high torque at low rpm but Civic able to pick up at the higher rpm due to i-VTEC act as 'turbo' by activating the other cams when at high rev engine. Both of these engines offered great performance & fuel consumption rate.
Theoretical, Altis shall able to deliver better fuel consumption. Data to be share out once available.

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A good vehicle not only offer you a comfortable & powerful drive but also taking care of your safety. Honda & Toyota are excellent car maker that taking care of your safety. Safety is a top priority to become a good a car maker.

Civic & Altis offered similar safety feature such as G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) or Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body where this structure able to absorbs force exerted during the event of collision. This will minimized the chance of serious injury .

Other than that, both of them offered VSA, ABS, EBD, BA that ensure you break effectively.
They also offered TRC and VSC to help driver to control their vehicle during fast cornering.

Dual SRS airbags to help protect you from injury as well.



A section where you choose your car based on your capability.
New Civic 2012's price in Peninsular Malaysia

Corolla Altis's price in Peninsular Malaysia
Both of them offered similar price range which is between RM103K to RM133K. Well, that was RM30K different! Thanks to Altis, where Toyota offered 1.6L engine for Corolla Altis. This has bring wide gap of the price for Altis. Meanwhile, lowest specification for new Civic is 1.8L. 

Other than considering the car price, don't forget to compare the maintenance of the car as well. In fact, maintenance is part of the cost where you need to fork for driving your dream car.


A section where you must consider before buying a vehicle!

Civic 2.0 

Civic 2.0's Maintenance Rates & Costs

Corolla Altis 2.0 

Corolla Altis 2.0's Maintenance Rates & Costs
In maintenance wise, for long run we can see that Altis's maintenance cost is slightly cheaper than Civic.




  1. I really love to learn more about these modern cars. You really don't know what to expect when it comes to these car companies.

    1. Hi Nitrogen,
      Thanks for dropping a comment here. Yup, I do agree with you. These 2 companies are awesome. In fact, I owned one of the car from these companies. I totally satisfied with the performance & quality that delivered by them.

  2. I can just imagine driving one of those cars. Those features will surely aid me while I’m on the road. Cars today really do exceed our expectations when it comes to technology. I never thought that an auto drive feature would be available in cars, but some models today have that luxury. However, the tradeoff for this entire digital prowess is that you have to regularly check for defects and handle every part with care to maintain efficiency.

    Andre Brennan

  3. good review..well done

    1. Thanks. Visit us at www.carreviewsncare.com as we are moving to there.

  4. The Civic will be smaller than this Altis but drives such as a mid size car due to the Suspension and Steering. The Altis senses tinny and cheap when compared to the Civic. I would choose the Civic. Both should be reliable though.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Do visit www.carreviewsncare.com for latest review. We already moved to there. Thanks.

  5. i love corolla as its interior is luxurious with leather seats.though honda civic is also the same.but in pakistan corolla is the best option.

    1. Hi Sarmad,
      thanks for drop by and provide your feedback. Indeed in Malaysia, Honda Civic is more preferable compared to Corolla Altis due to the sportier exterior and interior. Anyhow, we moved to CarreviewsnCare.com
      Keep in touch and hope to see you there too :)

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