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Car Battery Facts

Car Battery Facts

Photo: DID YOU KNOW that typical normal car battery able to last for around 2-3 years or even more than 3 years if taking good care of it by refilling distilled water from time to time. 
While maintenance free (MF) battery able to last until 2 years or even less. Maintenance-free batteries use a calcium alloy of lead instead of an antimony alloy which is suppose to sustain the water longer without refilling. Longer does not mean forever. 
After all, MF battery is much more expensive than normal car battery. Be hardworking, take good care of your battery. Your battery will reward back to your wallet :)
MF Battery

Did you know – a ‘maintenance free’ car battery does not last as long as a normal car battery? The truth:
Like many things in life, the term “maintenance-free” is only partially true. Lead-acid batteries normally consume some of the water during a normal charge-discharge cycle. It actually electrolyzes into hydrogen and oxygen and escapes as gas. So adding water periodically is necessary to keep the plates flooded.

Maintenance-free batteries use a calcium alloy of lead instead of an antimony alloy which is suppose to sustain the water longer without refilling, but certainly not forever!
Any abnormal electrical system condition or high ambient temperatures may boil off more than the normal amount of water, however. Adding water may extend the service life of these supposedly maintenance-free batteries.
Especially in places with consistent or all year round hot climate (tropical weather or desert areas), the ‘maintenance free’ battery will not achieve it’s full life span and will fail prematurely.
Though using ‘maintenance free’ batteries maybe convenient, but it’s definitely not as economical as a normal car battery as it tends to fail earlier. So be a little hardworking and use a normal car battery which requires refilling of the water. =)
A simple test was done to estimate the lifespan of:-
a) Maintenance Free battery (claim – 2years) actual 8mths to 1.5years
b) Normal battery (claim – 2years) actual – from 2 years to up to 4years with proper on-time maintenance

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  1. This is really interesting. I will have to check the water level on my car batteries when I get home from work today. How will I know if I need to add water? Do I just fill it all of the way up? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi Mikey,
      There is max line on the battery, just fill up the water until that line.
      Careful, do over pour else the water may leak out. The water may acidic which can cause your part rusty.

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  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I knew next to nothing about car batteries and now I feel slightly informed. I also feel like I could decide what battery will be best for me and my car. I even feel like I could buy car batteries online now. Thanks again for all the great information!

  3. Hi Megan,
    No problem, you are most welcome :)

  4. Aside from powering the electronic features inside your car, the battery is also responsible for sparking the ignition to start the car’s engine. That is why it should be free from corrosion to avoid any complications and be fully-charged to provide you a long-lasting ride. Cleaning this on a regular basis will help in making it last longer. :)


  5. Hi Tyra,
    Nice information. Thank you for the great comment.
    Hope to see you around :)

  6. No matter what model you end up buying, be sure to check the manufacture date. The date will show up as a letter followed by a number.

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  12. Batteries are the vital part of every vehicle. The vehicle cant run without a battery. To increase the life span of every battery its regular maintenance is necessary. It is the duty of every vehicle owner to check the condition of battery. And when needed, he should go to the near by servicing center for repairing of battery. And should learn about how to take care of it.

  13. Car batteries are the most important part of a particular car. Because all the operation of the car is mostly depends upon the good condition of battery. Certain parts of the car like head lamps, indicator, music system, air conditioner, dash board are mainly running by the battery. So, To keep the battery in good condition for longer period of time, its regular maintenance is necessary.

  14. Batteries are play a vital role in a particular car. Without it a car cant run a step. Regular maintenance is necessary for keep the battery in good condition. Generally in winter season the battery shows so many problems like late to start,power plugs are full of rust,the fluid in side the battery became icy condition. So, to avoid such kind of problem the car owner should take the battery for regular maintenance.

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  16. Battery is the important part of a car as it is used to start the car. The batteries can last up to 5 years so it is better that you should change the battery in every 3 to 4 years. If the engine of the car is not working then check the battery part. So maintenance of battery is important as the faulty battery can affect the fuel economy. Due to under and over charge of the battery the life span of this will reduce. So do the proper charging of the battery by a professional.

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