Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Insight & Prius C

Honda Insight And Toyota Prius C (Hybrid Vehicle)

This section we going to talk about Hybrid car. As nowadays everyone is concern to our mother  earth environment and also price of our petrol. Thus people are looking for a vehicle that make most of the drop. Honda and Toyota already think ahead for us by invented new concept of  where   petrol engine + Integrated Motor Assist(IMA) concept to run the car which we called as Hybrid Car.
 Hybrid car become more and more popular. Both of these cars are around RM97K ~ RM99K.
Currently there is a new Jazz Hybrid too, but the demand not as popular as Insight. Thus, I will talk about Insight in this section.

Thanks to our goverment, budget 2011 made it 100% exemption for BOTH import duty and excise duty. The deal, for hybrid cars with 2.0 litre engines and below, was supposed to expire on Dec 31, 2011. Then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Tun Razak announced on Budget 2013 where this 100% exemption to be extended until 31th Dec 2013.  
In other way, if you buying Hybrid car, the price that you pay is cheaper than it should if compared to normal car.

Let see what Insight and Prius C have :)


Insight with Mugen Kit

Honda Insight with Stylish Mugen Body Kit

Prius C with TRD Body Kit 

Toyota Prius C with TRD Body Kit

Recently, Honda has introduce newer version of Insight. Insight come with new facelift version with more contour bumpers, halogen headlamp with projectors and blue highlight. The new redesign fog lamps also seduced me. While Insight is so attractive, Prius C may not lack behind. Prius C do come with halogen projector headlamp as well and able to manually levelling to provide excellent visibility.
Insight come with 16' rims while Prius C come with 15' rims. From the exterior, Insight have sporty outlook and Prius C is more to pleasant outlook. Personally, I may attracted to Insight outlook more compared to Prius C. Yet, everyone is unique and have different opinion. No offence to Prius C's fan :D 
If you are not satisfied with their outlook, you can always enhance it with the bodykit that available in the market just like above. Cool, isn't it? :)


Honda Insight

Insight's sleek dashboard come with ergonomically design where driver can easily access everything. Panel meter come with multi information display (MID) to provide full information to driver.

Stylish In Car Entertainment with CD and USB+AUX Jack entertain you with 4 speakers. Control the cabin temperature at ease with digital display.

Insight's have a large and comfortable room for driver together with passengers. Black seat fabrics together with black dashboard which enhance the cabin outlook

Toyota Prius C

Stylish spacious cabin with easy access. Ergonomic dashboard style make your driving comfortable.

Drive with confident in Prius C with Advanced Multi-Information Display in 3.5 TFT screen. 

Key-less entry, simply make your car ON/OFF in style.

Auto air-conditioning. Make your your ride simply much comfortable. Temperature/fan speed can be easily adjust on steering as well.

Optimized space for your lifestyle. Fold-able backseats easily give you 260L boots space.

Both Insight and Prius C have ergonomic interior styling that make the ride comfortable. For spacious, both of these hybrid cars offered comfortable space to driver and passengers. Yet, still sedan car will have better capacity for luggages when you required it :)

The ride for Insight is nice and quiet but I do notice when your car is idling while waiting for traffic light become green, the air-conditioning may slightly warmer due to the compressor stop operating. This happen due to the engine is cut-off to improve the fuel efficiency. Insight have loud engine noise when you have hard acceleration on your right foot. The steering may have 'plastic feel' which not as firm as Prius C. These are the few drawbacks which I notice when test drive Insight. But overall, Insight was a beautiful car with stylish interior especially on the panel meter and roomy cabin spaces, not to mention it's sporty outlook.

Let move to Prius C's interior, Prius C's interior seem simply and bored? Well a lot people included me found out Prius C's interior not as attractive as Honda's interior or Kia and Hyundai's interior. Perhaps, that is how Toyota style it is. One more thing for Prius C is the room legs for rear passenger, Prius C's room legs for back seater are not comfortable due to narrow leg rooms.  Anyhow, even though Prius C don't have an attractive interior design compared to Insight but it do have as much function as Insight and Prius C have key-less entry feature! Driving Prius C was a pleasure, the car accelerate smoothly and quiet (thanks to the soundproof under the hood). 
(Insight +1)

Performance and Technology

Honda Insight

Insight I-VTEC 1.3L engine serve as main power source.

Insight electric motor and Intelligent Power Unit (IPU). Together with I-VTEC 1.3L engine, Insight able to produce acceleration same as 1.6L engine. Total Maximum Power [PS(kW)/rpm]88(65) + 10(14) (Engine + Electric Motor) and Maximum Torque [Nm(kg-m)/rpm]121[12.3] + 78[8.0] (Engine + Electric Motor)

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) which is the favourite transmission nowadays where help to improve power and better fuel efficiency due to no power lose during shifting and also infinite gear ratio. This new CVT capable to cut-off high RPM when ECON mode activated. This greatly help the fuel efficiency.

Toyota Prius C


Prius C 1.5L engine(4-Cylinder In-line, 16-Valve, DOHC with VVT-i) with Transaxle/Motor/Inverter + Hybrid Battery(under the rear seat) capable of making 74kW (101PS)

Intelligent shift. The output from the petrol engine and electric motor are regulated during different driving conditions for maximum fuel efficiency and great performance

Regenerative break system which stored back energy to the hybrid battery when you de-accelerating and stopping. The brakes equipped Electronic Controlled Brake for optimum breaking force.

Choose between 3 modes, Normal, Eco, and EV mode.  Eco mode reduces overall energy consumption by prioritizing fuel economy and altering throttle response as well as air-conditioner performance. EV model is available in certain conditions where just the electric motor is used; speeds of up to 50 km/h can be achieved in this mode which gives the noise-free experience of an electric vehicle.

Insight and Prius C have the latest technologies equipped on them to ensure you have a fuel efficiency and safety yet comfortable drive. Prius C have much power packed under it's hood compared to Insight which gave Prius C much powerful acceleration which claim to be from 0-100km in 10.7sec. That was POWERFUL for a fuel saver car.

Honda claimed fuel consumption for Insight: 27.2km/l
Toyota claimed fuel consumption for Prius C: 35km/l

Prius C has better fuel consumption and more powerful acceleration compared to Insight. (Prius C +1)


Honda Insight

ABS, EBD, BA, Hill Start Assist and VSA 

The new Insight's Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) stops your wheel from locking up while its Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) controls braking distribution between the wheels. In emergencies, Brake Assist (BA) kicks in to bring you to a safe stop. Hill Start Assist is a new feature to help prevent backward rolling on inclines when the brake is released. Stay in control of your vehicle while maneuvering tight corners or during unexpected situations with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Insight come with 2 air bags for driver and front passenger.

Immobiliser & Security Alarm System The Immobiliser and security alarm system in the Hybrid Insight provides you excellent prevention against car thef.

Toyota Prius C

Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control & Anti-lock Brake System

Even on slippery roads, the PRIUS c helps maintain vehicle stability with its Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC) and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). Other safety features include Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist and Electronically Controlled Braking-Regeneration.

7 SRS Airbags

For optimum protection, the PRIUS c is equipped with 7 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags to reduce the force of impact on occupants in the event of a collision. The 7 SRS airbags include protection for the driver and front passenger, front side, curtain-shield and driver's knees.

Vehicle Security System

The PRIUS c is installed with quality security features such as an immobiliser, siren with back-up battery and cabin sensor.

In safety section, Insight and Prius C have all the advanced safety features such as ABS,VCA, EBD and many mores. But Prius C have extra 5 more airbags to protect the passenger compared to Insight which only have 2 airbags. 
(Prius C +1)


On the road with Insurance
Honda Insight 1.3 - RM99,800
Toyota Prius C 1.5- RM97,000

Prius C is cheaper compared to Insight by RM2,800.
(Prius C +1)


Honda Insight 1.3

Toyota Prius C 1.5

From the chart, we can see Prius C average maintenance's cost is cheaper than  Insight.  (Prius C +1)

Overall, Prius C have better features compared to Insight except smaller cabin space and the design is more plain.

Pictures from: 
Honda - www.honda.com.my
Toyota - www.toyota.com.my



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