Sunday, November 4, 2012

Car Wax Vs. Car Polish

Car Wax Vs. Car Polish

We all try to achieve that showroom shine, while protecting our car's paint. After we wash and remove all the road grim, bird droppings and dead bugs, the next step is to polish or wax our vehicle. But which is better: wax, or polish? The truth is they are two totally different things, and each has its place.

Car Polish

Advantages of Polishing

  • Your vehicle's paint isn't smooth. It has a texture to it, and if it has been washed with harsh detergents and dried improperly, it may even have minor surface scratches.
    The advantage to using polishes after washing is that because they are slightly abrasive polishes will remove oxidized paint, remove minor scratches, and smooth imperfections in the paint. Where wax lays down a layer of protection, polish removes material to reveal clean smooth paint. The smoother the paint, the shinier the surface.

Disadvantages of Polishing

  • The major drawback to using polish is the fact that as you polish, and remove old dead paint and pesky surface scratches that dull the paint job, you are also removing the wax layer that has been applied over time. Exposing the paint to the elements like this will cause rapid oxidation as the solvents in the paint evaporate off.
    Most polishes today have a wax in them to protect the paint, but the solvents in the polish weaken the wax, making it substantially less durable then wax alone.

Advantages of Waxing

  • Auto detailers and car care experts all agree that nothing beats carnuba wax for a deep, rich, durable shine. Car wax will fill in very minor scratches like swirl marks, and harden to a protective layer that polishes can't match. Because the wax fills surface imperfections, and doesn't contain solvents, it is harder then the waxes found in polish and results in a smooth, durable finish

Disadvantages of waxing

  • Because wax builds up over time, layer upon layer, it is subject to minor defects and scratches just like the paint is. Over time these defects cause dulling of the finish. While it is better to have damaged and defective wax, this can be avoided by polishing from time to time. Polishing will remove the wax build-up, and if we used good wax in the first place, will restore the lost shine .


  • The purpose of polishing or waxing your car is to keep it looking its best.
    To do this it is best to polish the car to remove old wax, paint, and residue. This restores the surface to clean paint and smooths the paint surface. After this, polishing is only needed every now and then to keep the paint clean and smooth.
    After polishing, protect the paint with a good quality carnuba based wax every few weeks.



  1. Regular washing is important, but to keep your car looking good, you should detail and wax it regularly.

  2. Oh! So you mean, I need to polish first, then wax it after? Car polishing and car waxing are both done to make your cars look shiny, so you don't need to choose between the two. Polishing your car will remove old wax, then you have to wax it again to protect the paint of your car and keep it's paint job pristine. Thank you for the information! :)

  3. If your car is extremely luxurious or if it is a classic, then this is all the more true since you would definitely want your car to look in its best for and style. Polishing and waxing your car do not only give you that pride of an owner of such a car, you can also increase the value of your car should you ever decide to sell it to others.

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