Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RON 95 and RON97

Comparing RON95 and RON97 Fuels Through The Distance

Over the last couple of years, we have heard plenty about the difference between RON95 and RON97 fuels that were introduced in Malaysia for the benefit of the population. There have been a number of debates as well that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each type of fuel, especially in regards to fuel efficiency and the amount of distance that would be obtained through the use of thee fuels. I have heard of reports that claim that RON97 are better for short distance traveling, while RON97 proves to be the better choice for longer distance traveling. But how legitimate are these claims? Is RON97 really more efficient for long distance journeys? Or is RON95 instead the better one? Let us first understand both these fuel types before we draw any conclusion.

RON, or in reality the Research Octane Number, is a number that is awarded to different grades of fuel with regards to its capability to resist auto-ignition (or better known as knocking). Thus with higher RON fuels in your vehicle, your engine would find it more difficult to auto-ignite as resistance is higher. Engines that perform at higher performance levels would naturally require fuel with elevated RON figures as they deal with higher temperatures, and thus are more prone to knocking issues. To combat this complication, you are recommended to use fuel with high RON numbers, RON97 for instance, especially if you are driving a sports car with engine capacities above 2,500c.c.
Nevertheless fuel with higher RON numbers do tend to be more difficult in terms of combustion, thus this could probably support the argument that it does in fact burn less fuel when you drive long hours.
Nevertheless up till today, there has been no concrete research conducted on this topic to prove that RON97 fuel does indeed perform better in terms of fuel consumption during long journeys, thus we cannot conclude until the needful is accomplished.

The fact that RON95 fuel is sold at cheaper prices does not mean that RON95 fuel is of lesser quality, instead it is a type of fuel that caters for specific engine requirements, just like how the RON97 caters for higher performance engines. If you do not require RON97 fuel, it is best that you stick to RON95 fuel as there are no proven statistics that prove that RON97 fuel performs better than RON95 fuel for a vehicle that carries the same engine. The amount of distance that you travel would definitely depend on how the driver actually handles the car, in other words the more passive a driver you are, the higher your chances are of obtaining greater distances with your vehicle.

So until a clear research paper is released on this matter, we still remain unclear of how a higher RON figure within your fuel would help you better your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.



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